Bloom at Avenue

Our best of British ethos has bloomed into life this season, with a Garden of England inspired summer installation in partnership with Tanqueray 10!

Reflecting our love of using seasonally and sustainably sourced, fresh ingredients, our restaurant has been transformed by the lushness of Kent, the Garden of England; from beetles and butterflies to hydrangeas and sunflowers.

Cocktail Bar

Enjoy a tipple from our transformative new bar menu, the Metamorphosis Cocktail Collection. Our cool and sleek Monarch Martini features home-made grapefruit peel vermouth, an exercise in both waste reduction and glamour maximisation. Watch in awe as our Butterfly Pea Tea cocktail, the Blue Adonis, morphs colour before your eyes.

Summer Menu

Take it all in alongside one of our new Tanqueray Perfect Serve G&T’s, exclusively listed on our Metamorphosis Menu, and a fresh and light bight from our Summer Set Menu. We’ll be featuring Kent classics at your tables, think British wines and local produce…

Stop and smell the roses in St. James’s this summer!